Hey everyone!
After a few months, we finally finished a secret project that we’ve been working on, a live action short movie of a game that I’m a big fan of, League of Legends. During a chance encounter in the jungles of Summoner’s Rift, the two martial masters set to duel; who would win, the grandmaster of arms or the ever head-strong, blind monk?

Please spread the word, pass it around with other like-minded fans of this awesome game!

All music was taken from in game:
Lissandra Theme
Aetherwing Kayle Theme
Zed Theme
Season 2 Draft Pick Theme

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Full fantasy-fu short coming soon!

Opposition follows the story of Sammy, as he tries to keep his past life of crime & infamy behind him. Will the wolves of Sammy’s past come back to devour him?

Writer/Producer: Thom Reaves
Director: Jesse Griffin
Sammy: Rob Castellucci
Julien: Joseph Fields
Opening Theme: Chaotichism
Ending Theme: Derek Townsend

Robbed of their humanity, two friends find themselves on the edge of morality. In a post apocalyptic world what does it take to get it back?

We started with a backstory of the photo with the kid wearing the gas mask (fires be damned!). We really loved the photo and were intrigued by the world we could create around that photo. We knew we had to utilize a kid and the character had to mesh so we chose the hooded figure (torn) and figured we could make that an older version of the boy with the gas mask. We chose the grungy abandoned setting (the long walk) to resemble the post apocalyptic world we created. We had to give him a goal which was ultimately to find himself and help others and become more like his father so we chose the picture of the wall and the guy struggling to climb up (don’t let go). We chose the telephone pole photo (too many shows to show) to resemble how much time has passed and the hopelessness of peoples postings being there as people pass through the city. We chose (my mom) as the relationship because it resembled death, sadness and used that as a scene to show the main character after his mother passed. The relationship between the boy and his father is vital to the overall concept. For unknown we chose the mile marker photo (trouble ahead) not only because the name meshed so well with an upcoming scene but because it worked great as a b roll transition shot to show them traveling from location to location. The discovery photo we utilized at the beginning of a scene where he discovers himself and realizes he’s not the man his father taught him to be. He gets into an argument with his friend over morals and humanity his father spoke about. We honestly felt every photo helped tie the story together and worked perfectly with the screenplay as well as forced us to really be creative.

The trailer for Dr. Lee’s Academy for Martial & Healing Arts. The Academy houses two main styles of martial arts: including White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi. We at Dr.Lee’s academy are dedicated to our training, while caring for one another, and other martial artist, like a family.
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Video: Jesse Griffin

Highlights, from DJ Zara’s show at the XL Lounge in the USA. Starring: DJ Zara Director: Jesse Griffin

Starring: B - Jolly
Director: Jesse Griffin

The official video for B - Jolly’s newest dance epic: THE VENOM PROJECT

- Sayburr
- Traivon
- Gifted
- X
- B - Jolly

Director: Jesse Yungbei

The official footage of Dj Zara Amaral’s live show at Studio 98 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
Starring: Dj Zara
Video: Jesse Yungbei